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FR! Fortifications From LEGO Blocks

After looking at the fortification rules in "Fantasy Rules!", I wanted to put together a modular castle frontage to try them out. I had previously used LEGOs to construct buildings for use with 25mm figures in roleplaying, so I looked to them once again for this.


As it turns out, 5 lego "units" is just fractionally less than 40mm (1BB). So you can build 1BB sections with or without a base. I use a steel base for all my FR! units and use magnetic sheets in my carry cases.

I built 4-high 5-square (1BB) LEGO stacks on 40mm steel bases. Except for the Gate section, I made the stacks hollow shells (no need to waste materials, after all) of 2x1 and 3x1 LEGOs. The pieces are superglued together, and the whole stack is superglued to the base.

I cut the top platforms and crenelations from single-weight matte board, as well as a small piece to inset into the Gate module as a closed drawbridge. The platforms are slightly larger than 40mm, so a standard base can sit on top of each section. When a section falls, it can simply be removed, and a unit placed in its place.

Assembly and Painting

I suggest primering and base-coating the stack *before* adding the platforms, so the interior and top can be painted black. I didn't, and I had to use a brush to black out the "knobs" on the top level, under the platforms. After basecoating, sand the top of the stack lightly to remove the paint from the top of the "knobs", and to rough up the top surfaces slightly; otherwise, the platforms won't adhere well.

I primered black, washed with black to fill the cracks between the blocks (lacking forethought, I used white blocks...duh!!), and basecoated graphite gray. Then I stippled the entire piece with 2 progressively lighter shades of gray, using a damp 1" foam brush (they call it a "trim brush" at the hardware store). And finally, I overcoated with polyurethane spray, and a light spray of matte acrylic to kill the shine.

The Modules

I created 4 distinct modules, which allow a variety of castle frontages.

First, there's the 1BB tower module, shown at right. This piece can be used by itself, or can be stacked on top of any of the others. The platform extends about 5 mm beyond the stack on all sides, to allow a 1BB unit to be placed on top of it.

Then there's the simple 5BB frontage shown at right.

The platform on the straight wall module extends about 5 mm beyond the stack, but only on one side. This allows it to butt up against other sections on both sides.

The gate module in the center has a platform just like that of the straight wall module, but has an inset for a drawbridge.

And finally, the platform on the corner module extends past the stack on two sides. I envision it being used to anchor one end of the wall that's under attack, but you could build a large rectangular castle for a very large (probably multiplayer) game, and attack from various directions.

Some Modular Configurations

Here are a couple more of the possible configurations.

Gate Tower

Two corner modules and a gate module make a 3BB frontage. The tower can stack on top as a formidable gate tower.

Monster Castle

Or if you're really looking for a war, you might do something like this for an 8-player, all-day castle siege. Of course, you would have to assemble a few more modules!

As one gaming friend of mine might say, "That's just wrong!"

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