ShowAboutOnStartup Callback

Compatibility: 5.0.1? - 5.0.2b20? - 5.1.2+ - 6.0 - MacOS - Windows

Version 1.0 by Samuel Reynolds, 1999/01/01.
This table of scripts is hereby placed in the public domain. Do with it as you will. It is provided free of charge and with no warrantee whatsoever. It works for me; your mileage may vary.

What It Does

This simple (trivial, really) callback function calls window.About() to show the about window at startup. That's all; nothing else. I put the callback function together with Install and Remove scripts to make it easier to configure a new Frontier root.

This page is a Fat Page. It includes the above script(s), encoded by and for Frontier. To retrieve the script(s), save the page as source text and open it using the File->Open command.

Copyright © 1998, 1999 by Samuel Reynolds. All rights reserved. Last modified 1999/05/20.
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