Retrieving Embedded Scripts

Many pages in this site contain embedded scripts or other Frontier objects. In some cases, they are embedded as mimi data inside HTML comment blocks; in other cases, they are in Userland's Fatpage format. In either case, a brief note describing how to retrieve the scripts is appended to the page.

Scripts In Fatpages

Fatpages may be saved to disk (as Source text), then opened from within Frontier using the File->Open... menu command. Frontier will prompt for where to place the script or table in the ODB.

Scripts Encoded using MIMI

To retrieve these scripts, you need John Delacour's mimi package, and you will need to copy the source of the page.

You can import the script(s) from a page with mimi in one of several ways:

  • Save the page to disk (as Source, not Text). In Frontier, select Mimi->Import From File to import the embedded script(s) into Frontier.

  • Select View Source, select and copy the Mimi data block(s) from the page source display. In Frontier, select Mimi->Import from Clipboard to import the embedded script(s) into Frontier.

  • On the Mac, you can simply switch to Frontier and select Mimi->Web Page->Import Displayed Page, and mimi will get the text of the page from your browser and extract the embedded script(s).

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