Compatibility: 5.0.1 - 5.0.2b20 - 5.1.2 - MacOS

Requires Stuffit Deluxe and ZipIt

These scripts use the commercial Stuffit Deluxe program to create .SIT and .HQX (from the .SIT) archives, and the shareware ZipIt program to create .ZIP archives.

ReleaseSelection() is a utility for releasing any ODB table for public distribution. It calls GetReleaseTable() to get the address of a release info table inside the table being released. It prompts the user for updated information for the release info table. It then exports the table in the formats specified in the release info table.

AddReleaseTable() adds a release-info table to the selected table in the ODB. If the selected item in the ODB is not a table, an error dialog is presented.

GetReleaseTable() looks inside the target table for a subtable named "#Release". If it doesn't find a #Release table, it prompts the user to create one, then initializes it before returning to the caller. GetReleaseTable() is called by ReleaseSelection() and AddReleaseTable().

The release info table has the following structure:

folder [string] Path to folder in which to save files.
formats [table]
fttb [boolean] Default = false
hqx [boolean] Default = true
sit [boolean] Default = false
zip [boolean] Default = true
nameIncludesVersion [boolean] Default = true
version [boolean] Release version number
versionDate [string] Date of release
xfileLoc [string] Address of xfile table in which to make entries for released archive(s)

The Select Folder command is a convenient way to set the folder item.

The lowerCaseFileNames preference is honored by ReleaseSelection when it generates the release archive name(s).

If nameIncludesVersion is TRUE, ReleaseSelection will get the version field, drop all non-alphanumerics from it, and append it to the name of the table to be released (the table that contains the Release table). For example, when releasing the Trial table with version="2.0b3", the base file name would become "trial20b3"; .sit, .hqx, etc. would be appended to this for the various release archive formats.

If nameIncludesVersion is FALSE, the version is not appended to the table name to generate the file name.

The formats subtable contains flags indicating what formats should be saved to the folder specified by the folder item. (Since the .HQX file is generated from the .SIT file, the .SIT file will be created if either sit==TRUE or hqx=TRUE, then deleted if sit==FALSE.)

xfileLoc is the address of an #xfile table in a website in which the released object should be entered. If xfileLoc is defined and non-empty, ReleaseSelection will call the XFile Suite to make an entry for each archive created within the specified table.

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