HTML To Outline

Compatibility: 4.2.3? - 5.0.2b20? - 5.1.2+ - 6.0 - MacOS - Windows

Requires the regex extension

When developing table and outline renderers, I sometimes find it difficult to identify problems in the rendered HTML text. When this happens I find it useful to read a rendered file back into the ODB and convert it into an outline. HtmlToOutline does a reasonably good job of converting an HTML string or wptext into an outline. (I use "Import Text File" first to read the file into the ODB.)

To Use the Script

Select a string or wptext entry in the ODB that contains HTML text. Select HTML To Outline from the custom menu.

This page is a Fat Page. It includes the above script(s), encoded by and for Frontier. To retrieve the script(s), save the page as source text and open it using the File->Open command.

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