Build Forwarding Script

Compatibility: 4.2.3? - 5.0.2b20 - 5.1.2+ - 6.0 - MacOS - Windows

Requires the regex extension

Sometimes, when developing a suite, it's useful to group scripts by function. To simplify the calling interface, though, the key scripts should be at the top level of the suite.

BuildForwardingScript() is a tool for creating top-level "forwarding" or proxy scripts for the interface, that simply "forward" the calls to the corresponding scripts in the subtables.

To use BuildForwardingScript()

First, attach it to your custom menu; the menu script will look like this:

Then select the script for which you want to create a forwarding script, and select Build Forwarding Script from your user menu. The script will prompt for where to place the forwarding script. If an entry already exists at the location you specify, the script will prompt for confirmation. If you don't cancel, it will create the forwarding script and save it at the specified location.

This page is a Fat Page. It includes the above script(s), encoded by and for Frontier. To retrieve the script(s), save the page as source text and open it using the File->Open command.

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