Ratmen Figures (25mm)

Companies that sell 25/28mm Ratmen miniatures.

Note: I have not checked out these sources. Some may produce only science-fiction ratmen (though those can often be converted for fantasy).

Note that even those figures that are out of production may still be available in many hobby shops and online stores.

Alternative Armies: Scottish Napoleonic Ratmen, currently available

Armada: Pirate Ratmen (Pyrats), currently available

DemonBlade: Near-future Ratmen (GothRats), adaptable to fantasy, currently available

Grenadier: Many different Ratmen (Ratscum), including Jezzail and Rat Ogre substitutes, and Archers mounted on Giant Weasels, all sadly out of production

Grim Reaper: A few Ratmen, currently in production

Harlequin: Many different Ratmen (Ver'Men), currently in production

Heartbreaker: Many diffferent Ratmen, all out of production

Inquisition: Many different Ratmen, currently in production

Lance & Laser: Sci-Fi Ratmen (Critter Commandoes), not readily adaptable to fantasy, currently in production

Bob Lippman: Bat-Riding Rats, currently in production

Ral Partha: Several packs of Ratmen (Ratlings), all out of production

Reaper: Many different Ratmen (Verminites), including mounted on Kangaroo Rats, currently in production

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