FR! Large Monster Figures

Many of these figures might also be used as spirits or colossi/behemoths.

This is all the information I have on these figures. If you have further information (especially product order numbers!), please let me know!

Ral Partha

#02-901 Hydra
(25mm) 1.5"-tall figure with 7 snake-like heads and coiled snake body. Fits on a 40x40 mm base.
I may use this one with my lizardmen.

#02-940 Skeletal Giant
(25mm) Bare-skulled giant skeleton with fragments of scale and chain mail. Wields sword with toothed back, held low and forward. 2.5"-tall figure just fits on a 40x40 mm base.
I'm using this one in my skeleton army as either a large monster or a spirit, but with a tree trunk (a weathered twig!) replacing the sword, which I lost in the time (years!) between primering and finishing the figure.

#02-956 Giant Minotaur Beastman
(25mm) Large minotaur with mail, greaves, and vambraces. 2 heads are provided: the standard bull head and a warthog head.

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