FR! Cavalry Figures

This is all the information I have on these figures. If you have further information (especially product order numbers!), please let me know!

Ral Partha

#11-903 Cormyr Lancers of the Eastern March
(15mm) Human. Leader, standard, and 5 mounted lancers. Heavy Cavalry.

#11-920 Elf Horse Archers
(15mm) Elven. Leader, standard, and 5 mounted archers. Light Cavalry.

#11-942 Mounted Minions of Darkhold
(15mm) Skeletons. Leader, standard, and 5 mounted cavalry. Light Cavalry.

#11-962 Drow Elf Lizard Riders
(15mm) Elven. Leader, standard, and 2 mounted knights. Knights or Heavy Cavalry.

#11-993 Mindugulph Company Wemic Scouts
(15mm) Wemic (cat-centaurs). Leader, standard, and 5 lancers. Light Cavalry.

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