FR! Battlewagon Figures

Don't discount a battlewagon figure just because the manufacturer calls it a dwarven piece and you're doing dervishes! After all -- fantasy rules! If it fits your vision for your army, you can remove the crew, or replace it with something more appropriate to your army. If you're like most FR! players, you're likely to find another use for the extra crew eventually, anyway.

This is all the information I have on these figures. If you have further information (especially product order numbers!), please let me know!

Black Raven Foundry

Orc Chariot (two kinds)

A VERY impressive Mumakil mammoth type thing.

An impressive dwarf battle wagon
Pulled by two buffalo. Would actually take a 1x2 juggernaut base. Comes with 2 bolt throwers.

Dwarf bolt thrower
4 to a pack for under $10. They do look great!


Giant Turtle with Howdah
Included in Chipco's Lizardman Army Pack.


A nice bolt thrower for orcs in 15 mm with a skull face shield piece.

Peter Pig

Renaissance Wagon

Ral Partha

#RF009 Imperial Iron Tortoise
(15mm) A battlewagon that looks kind of like a Citadel Steam Tank, with the addition of sailing-ship rigging.

#11-907 War Elephant
(15mm) Indian elephant with curtain mail barding and wooden howdah.
Both driver and crew are armored and carry long spears.

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