FR! Artillery Figures

Don't discount an artillery figure just because the manufacturer calls it a dwarven piece and you're doing the realm of Faerie! After all -- fantasy rules! If it fits your vision for your army, you can remove the crew, or replace it with something more appropriate to your army. If you're like most FR! players, you're likely to find another use for the extra crew eventually, anyway.

This is all the information I have on these figures. If you have further information (especially product order numbers!), please let me know!

Black Raven Foundry

Dwarf bolt thrower
4 to a pack for under $10. They do look great!


#1835 Dark Dwarf Iron Cannon and Crew
(15 mm) 1 large triple-barrel long cannon with gargoyle styling on backing plate, 1 commander, 1 torchman, 1 swabber, and 2 loaders. Cannon alone will fit on a 40x40 mm base, or all on a 40x80 mm base.

Ral Partha

#11-933 Iron Dwarf Ballista
(15 mm) 4-wheel wooden cart with wooden pavisiers, ballista and crew.

#11-975 Orc War Engine
(15 mm) 4-wheel wooden cart with small catapult, 3 crew, and pile of stones.


15mm Dwarf Cannons and Mortars
In their Shadow Corps line

#03040 Goblin Artillery with Crew
(15 mm) 3 short cannons (not mortars!), 2 torchmen, 2 swabbers, 2 loaders.
2 cannon or 1 cannon with crew will fit on a 40x40mm base.
I'm using the cannon with my skeletons as light artillery.

Peter Pig

Dwarf Bolt Shooter

Roman Bolt Shooter

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