Armies and Army Lists

NOTE: Unless marked otherwise, the army lists included here do not appear in official Chipco publications, and may not be acceptable in tournament play. If you wish to play one of these armies in a tournament, contact the tournament referee for approval.

Fantasy Rules! provides tremendous flexibility in army structure and consistency. One goal of the game is to allow gamers to play with the figures they have, and not force them to purchase new figures in order to play (although Chipco sells Army Packs with complete armies to help players get started or expand their collections).

FR! army lists often contain a far larger variety of allowed units than would fit in one person's vision of the army. This is because the list devisers know of great figures of the various types, and don't want to exclude them, or because several different visions of the army are possible. You are not required to include units of a particular type just because the list includes it--your army should match your vision.

The FR! army lists define types of armies, not races or nationalities (despite sometimes being named for such). So you might use the Elf army list for Robin Hood and his Merry Men, which is probably a closer match than using the more general Medieval list for that merry band of thieves. As long as your opponents know what army list you used for your army, they have an idea what to expect, and can reasonably plan their own army and strategies. They still won't know exactly what you're fielding until they see it; the army lists indicate what unit types may be included, but don't specify what units must or will be included (except the General and possibly the type of magician, of course).

An FR! army list is just a starting point. If you don't find an army list to match your vision, you have several choices:

Once you've created your army or list, post it to the mailing list and ask for comments. The range of suggestions you can expect (especially for figures) is simply amazing!

Armies and army lists created all three ways are included here, as well as specific armies created using the army lists from the FR! rules.

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