Army List: Roman (Early Republic)

[From Bruce S. R. Lee]

There are several holes in the basic Chipco "Roman" army list -- some things are in that should be out, and you can't have other things that should be in (IMNSHO). The "Roman" list really calls out to be 3 or more lists.

Romans are really not a Fantasy Army, having too much "gravitas." However if you know where to look, there are some interesting or outlandish possibilities. While writing this it occurred to me that for "classical" armies, the nature spirits of doubtful alignment such as Dryads, nymphs etc would be mainly tricksters (nymphs) or traps.


Roman Foot: The classical Roman volunteer, dropping his plough & going straight to battle.....

Triarii = Spears, 1/3 of foot (closest thing to elites) Velites = Skirmishers, less than 1/4 of foot (irregulars with throwing weapon @20pts, shoot 5" effective cf 2) Remaining foot as HW with Throwing Weapon

No real Elite anything at this stage, bows effectively non existant.

Cavalry would be Heavy Cavalry, no bow armed Light Cavalry, and probably no more than 1 or 2 bases total. However light javelin cavalry available as Allies. Allies restricted to Greek list & more "Roman type" HW.

Chariots were not serious military units in this time (or any time for Romans). However the Romans did employ Battle Waggons when fighting Hellenistic (greek post Alexandrian) armies which had Elephants - apparently armed with flame weapons, big mechanical pokers etc & supported by infantry in special spiked armour (to stop the elephants from stomping them). Perhaps battle waggon, causes fear in monsters?

Special characters etc

General, Cleric, Shaman, heroes. Shaman because the early Roman priests were either regular cleric/main line religious or nature spirit/hedge wizard types in the style of shamans (imho).

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