Army: Kobold (Spider Goblin) Army

[From David Makin]

Unit Type
Point Cost
1 General MOE and Army standard 190
1 Shaman   100
2 4BB Juggernaut Irregulars** Goblin Hordes) 100
1 4BB Juggernaut Irregulars** Goblin Hordes free! see list
2 Irregulars* Goblins 20
1 Irregulars* Goblins free! see list
1 Blob Tapioca "Egg" mass ;-) 60
2 Small Monsters Large spiders 120
1 Flying Small Monster Wasp 80
2 Traps   40
4 Mines/Bombs 1 per normal Irregular, plus flyer 80

Kobold Irregulars have bow fire only throwing wpns for free as per Kobold list.
Kobold Irregular Juggernauts count as 2 bows for shooting, the same as the 2nd (free) bow on Juggernaut battlewagons.


The Goblins are on good terms with the Spiders (Totem beasties?), the blob is an egg/baby spider mass, the wasp was captured in the spiders webs (elite traps) and has now been trained by the goblins. Bombs/Mines are smaller egg/baby spider balls.

Generic Plan:

Deployment: Goblin Hordes in the middle, Spiders on each flank, Blob and Wasp as reserve. General in centre, Shaman left or right.

Tactics: Use the traps to slow his nasties, close with them and shoot them, or hit them from the front with the hordes and try to roll the flanks with the Spiders, Blob is to fill any gaps and to protect the hordes from being hit in the rear.

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