Army: Inquisition Army


I've been pondering an Inquisition Army for some time now. The idea of fanatics & religous zeal appeals to me.

I'm building a Parlimentary Army for the ECW, mostly based on the New Model Army. So keeping in mind these type of minis I've come up with this....

My inquisition army is from a small Island country just torn asunder by civil war. The old King and his advisers had been experimenting in the art of magic. At this same time a terrible plague cursed the island country, and many began to blame the soothsayers and the king's experiments in the Black arts.

About this same time came a holy man that preached against all magic, that by getting away from magic the country would rise to greatness to become an empire such as the world has never seen.

Well you can imagine the rest -- civil war broke out, with the king eventually losing his head.

Now the crusade agianst magic is being carried to the mainland...and so it begins.... (this sounds vaguely in a quasi-real way, familiar--oh well):

Unit Type
Point Cost
1 General pseudo Cromwell
2 Witch Hunters
1 Assassin Ral Partha 15mm player character
1 Army Device
1 Battle Wagon Ral Partha's Da Vinchi's Tank
2 Hvy Cav Currasuiers
2 Fanatics
2 Traps stocks and a witches dunking chair
3 Musketeers not the candy bar
3 Pikes added to the Inq. Army List
6 Irregulars Juggernaut

1 Major Spirit
2 Light Artillery
2 Exceptional Weapons
2 Holy Hand Gernades
2 Taunts
2 Mark of Evil Due to the "Purification" tactics
3 Exceptional Armour


I'd like to have a unit or 2 of Dragoons also what would work for them?


Sounds like a cool army. Another cool BW model is the (I think Essex) Couragio (sp?), a wagon with an altar and cleric, pulled by oxen. Check out their fighting monks for fanatics!

With the special army device for the inquisition, the irregulars are really tough. Put those juggernauts on either side of the BW with the device (it is better pointwise to have two irregular juggernauts, because of the device, than other units, say the pikes). Personally, I would lose the pikes (not slimey enough for inquisition), and add some small monsters (rabid dogs?) and/or swarms (rats, rooks, or ravens) -- this also give you some needed speed -- but it does not really affect balance to add the pikes. There is not going to be much magic cast against you with this army!!!

The inquisition is one of my favorite armies. My army:

Unit Type
Point Cost
1 General with magic protection 170
1 Hero with army device 50
1 Witch Hunter with holy hand grenade 90
2 irregular 2x2 juggernauts   100
2 irregulars   20
1 1x2 juggernaut BW   90
2 HC (henchmen)   80
6 fanatics   300
1 small monster   60
2 traps   40


Not very subtle, but fun. Sometimes I lose some of the fantics to get flying swarms or small monsters or a spirit. If we are not playing with optional rules, I use eight irregulars, and a regular BW, and add the above.

[John Hills]

I do like this idea of using Cromwell and co as Inquisition troops. You must not forget that they also went to a nearby island, or Ireland, and made the rivers run with blood.

The Inquisition army is also appealing because another vision of it could use ANY fantasy figure as a convert to the true cause -- your Irregulars (Juggernauts of course) can be a mish mash of elves, dwarves, orcs, goblins, hobbits, humans, ducks, lizardmen etc, all united in their desire to destroy the evil of magic. You could literally build this army by buying one of each figure from your favourite manufacturer (or rummaging in your spares box!) and sorting them into units.

Could be a very interesting and colourful army.

[Jeff Moore]

I think this is *very* appropriate for a fantasy Inquisition army. I see it as attracting fanatics of all stripes. (Think also of Spock's half-brother's rag-tag army in Star Trek V: The Search for an Entity with Delusions of God-Hood.) Go with any wild-eyed mini: GW's Goblin Fanatics, Dwarf Slayers, and Flagellants spring to mind in 25mm.

For traps, how about a set of stocks, or an iron maiden, or one of those witch-dunking see-saws, or a rack, or a pit and a pendulum (if you're ambitious).

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