Army/List: Army of Tawantinsuyu (Inca)

[From John Garvey]

Unit Type
Point Cost
1 General Sapa Inca 150
1 Cleric Priest of Inti 100
1 Army device Huanacuri 30
2 Hero Aucakpussak 40
1 Elite Handweapons T Auquiconna 50
3 Handweapons T Other Cuzco regiments 120
5 Irregulars T Highland tribal levy 100
2 Elite bow Amazon indian guards 60
2 Traps Colla tribesmen with bola in ambush 40
1 Small monster Wardogs with handler 60


  Pike Rebel Inca pikemen 40

This is a low level magic army. I will have to read up Inca myths and beliefs to get more ideas. I've been more interested in the history! I should work in Taunt since it was usual practice to hurl insults at each other before battle.

I've chosen the magic user as Cleric since the Inca religion was quite organised. He would usually sacrifice works of art in gold. Humans were sacrificed in desperate circumstances, and those sacrificed were noble, not slaves. Other magic users could be worked in since the Inca were very superstious. The Sapa Inca got his women [a priestess class] to eat the hair that fell from his body so witches could use them against him!

The Huanacuri was integral to the army. It was a rock, vaguely like a man, clothed in rich cloth, carried in a litter. I've toyed with the idea that it should inspire the highland levy in the same way as an army device in an Inquisition army.

The Auquiconna was the elite of the four Cuzco regiments. It was composed of the Inca nobles and their relatives. They were armed with sling, javelin, mace and a peculiar bronze halberd/axe. I have given this regiment elite status. The other thee regiments are considered normal handweapons.

The Highland tribal levy was from the area around Cuzco and also Lake Titicaca. They are deserving of Irregular status. At times they were desperately brave, which is why I've toyed with the idea that the Huanacuri could cause them to disregard demoralisation, etc.

The sling was the main weapon of the Andes. It was described by a Spaniard as having the equivilant force of arquibus shot. This may not be true, but hey! This IS fantasy! One Historian has claimed that the same level of personal firepower was only achieved in Europe in the 18th Century. Because of this I have given all Cuzco regiments and the Highland levy throwing weapons (T). The +1 this gives for the charge is quite appropriate since the usual practice was a barrage of slingshot, followed by an impetuous charge!

I am very pleased with the edition of throwing weapons for these troops as they return a specific characteristic of Peruvian troops that has been completely lost in the DB* rules.

Amazon indians were used by the Sapa Inca as guards. With poison arrows and bowpipes they get elite status.

The bolas used by Colla tribesmen were for entangling. Using them as traps is quite inventive [if i say so myself, ho, ho, ho, I am soooooo smart!!! ;-)]

Wardogs were brought by the Spanish. So what! I'm using them! Essex makes them so they will be in my army!

Some pikes [about 800 made, 2000 partly] were made for a revolt by one of Manco Inca's sons. So you could replace some of the Cuzco regiments with Pike. If the levy used pike I'd still class them as levy! The pike can't use their slings.

For a bit more of a fantasy feel I'd allow both Major and Minor Spirits. Inca Myth is bound to have these. Also Wizards as well as Clerics.

Now really pushing into Fantasy (and why not?), Inca nobles mounted on Condors as flying Light Cavalry!

I wouldn't allow NON-flying Cavalry, since being mounted on Llamas is ridiculous! Also, since they never had the wheel, no chariots or battlewagons.

Another idea I had was having the Sapa Inca in a litter as something [not sure what], but surrounded by bodyguards [relatives] in a manner similar to the hive queen. This is exactly what happened when Pizzaro (sp) took the Inca [sorry, can't remember his name off hand]. His bodyguards kept throwing themselves in front of the Spanish.

Make sure you mention the Army of Tawantinsuyu. Tawantinsuyu, the four corners of the world!

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