Army: The Grand Alliance

[From Andrew Gross]

Although the figures used are Dwarves/Elves/Humans as described below, the army list is medieval, and therefore none of the units described receive any special racial benefits; i.e., the Dwarven HW do not get a +1 CF or pay a -1" movement penalty, etc.

The only thing I don't like about this list is that while the Humans get to be the best at what they do (elite knights instead of just knights or heavy cav), and the Elves get to be the best at what they do (longbow instead of just bow), the Dwarves are stuck just being regular HW. If your opponent has no objection, you can give all 4 Dwarven HW units a +1 CF (+40 points) and get rid of the bard (-40 points). This probably makes the army weaker rather than stronger, but preserves the feel of all the components of the army being the best that their respective races have to offer.

Unit Type
Point Cost
1 General Exceptional Weapon, Protection From Wizard, mounted on Flying Dragon

NOTE: The Protection from Wizard will be swapped out for the appropriate type of magic protection from the sideboard, so the General should always have the correct Protection From device; see sideboard.

1 Wizard Exceptional Armor

NOTE: The Wizard can be swapped out for a Cleric from sideboard if facing undead; see sideboard.

1 Bard   40
3 Hero 1 Human, 1 Elven, 1 Dwarven 60
3 Elite Knights Human 210
4 Longbow Elven 160
4 HW Dwarven 120
1 Flying Dragon   120

    Protection from Clerical 20
    Protection from Planar 20
    Protection from Necromancer 20
    Protection from Shamanic 20
1 Cleric   100
    Tortoise for HW units (swap out for 1 hero if facing bows?) 20
    Stakes for LB units (swap out for 1 hero if facing cavalry?) 20
1 Healer swap out for exceptional weapon if facing parasites! 10
1 Trap   20


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