Army List: Ge'Nar Army List

[From Don Oswald]

In the foothills and plains in the shadow of the Mountains of Insanity lies the land of Ge'Nar. Strange beings often wander from the mountains, joining the population of the land. The population itself is often affected by the winds from the mountains, and tend to slowly change form. Creatures of all races live there in an unsteady peace, bound more by economic ties than by blood. All types of magics are practiced in Ge'Nar.

Occasionally, the Ge'Naric army will be raised and sent to acquire territory, secure strategic natural resources, enforce fair trade practices, or defend property rights. The wide variety of inhabitants allow an incredibly flexibly army. The price of the flexibility is the lack of any elite units. The economic might of Ge'Nar allows an extra 30 points in the Ge'Naric army which can be spent on any units, extras or DIY enhancements.

Units Allowed: All EXCEPT Monster-Generals (hive queen, demon lord, etc). The Ge'Naric army gets NO elites.

Army Bonus: +30 points which can be spend on units, DIY enhancements, or extras (holy hand grenades, stored spells, stakes, taunt, etc)

Figure suggestions: Clean out the closet. They don't even have to match.

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