Army: Garden Gnome Army

[From Michael J. Kolb]

Photos of this army and construction details are posted on Michael J. Kolb's Fantasy and Myth Miniature Gallery.

This 22-stand Gnome army uses the Gnome Army list with Peter Pig Gnome figures modeled after the Northern European gnomes made famous by those Books published in the 70s. Unlike most of their Gnomish brethern, this Gnomes are more traditional and spurn most machinery and gagetry, prefering nature and the animals of the forest. They are peaceful, extremely crafty, and look upon their more mechanical cousins with a suspicious eye. When waging war they recruit many animals to help them fight, and are often seen directing various creatures into battle as battlewagons or steads.

Unit Type
2 Spears Gnomes with Fishing Poles
1 Fly Handweapons Fairies
2 Skirmishers Gnomes Throwing Rocks
1 Light Calvary Dogs
2 Battlewagons Turtles
2 Battlewagons Snails
2 Burrowing Battlewagons Giant Worms
1 Flying Battlewagon 99 Red Ballons (you have to see this!)
1 Light Artillery Tree Bough
1 Light Artillery Sling Shot
1 General
1 Master Alchemist with Body Guard pulling Rickshaw
1 Shaman Gnome on Mushroom
1 Flying Small Monsters Eagles
1 Burrowing Small Monsters Mushroom Men
1 Swarm Frogs
1 Sacred Site Camp with Protective Spirit

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