Army: Druid Army

[From John Hills]

Unit Type
Point Cost
1 Druid General From Chariot's "Druid and Screaming Women" set
1 Bodyguard Woman with dagger from the druid set*
2 Healers Men in hooded robes from the Druid set
3 Heroes 2 human females (from the Druid set*), 1 Centaur
2 Traps Unarmed women from the Druid set*
1 LC Centaur
4 Irregulars Minifigs Middle Roman auxiliaries with silly pointed hats that I bought by mistake many years ago
1 Elite Small Monster Unicorn Herd
1 Elite Large Monster A figure formerly sold by Standard Games, now slightly altered and sold by Chariot - the Giant Killer Hedgehog with battle axe! Just watch him take revenge on any Battlewagons that get in his way!
1 Major Spirit An old 25mm fig from my bit box - a Santa look-alike in a furry loin cloth
1 Swarm Chariot's Plague of Frogs - 15 large frogs that fit nicely onto a 40mm base
6 Beastmen Ducks, armed with swords, halbards (bills?) and slings. The Sling units can shoot as bows.
2 Beastmen Minotaurs

I also thought the Heroes could have Taunt.

The women from Chariot's "Druid and Screaming Women" set are in a sort of 'skipping and singing morris dancer' pose, one with dagger (the bodyguard) 2 with spears (heroes) and 2 unarmed (traps).

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