Army List: Cliff Goblin Clans

[From Lance Gamble]

These goblins are my own creation. I view my goblins as cliff dwellers who tunnel into the mountain, but farm/hunt in the surrounding countryside and supplement their diet from underground sources. They are a clan society, which is typical of cliff dwelling people. The outer ring of dwellings mostly pursue hunting and gathering, and are often seen hunting with and riding on wolves. The inner ring contains the tunnelers and cultural support. The tunnelers farm algaes and mushrooms. They also tap the springs. The tunnelers produce the elemental shamen and have made contact with an underground society of mushroom men. (I needed some small monsters for the goblins and I found RalPartha's new 25mm Mushroom men. They are only a few mm taller than man sized 15mm figures.) The mushroom men are poisonous and have some limited telekinitic powers (radar & psionic screams). They also have a nasty habit of turning into a poison cloud upon dying. When the mushrooms scream, the wolves howl in unison.

One in a hundred goblin babies are Hobgoblins, bigger and stronger but not quite as bright. Most of the hobgoblins are born to outer ring families and are quickly drafted into the regular militia.

Goblin magic is mostly elemental, with a natural affinity for earth and air. Warriors who die in battle must fight as minor spirits before moving on to their fabled Glory Mine. The Glory Mine is seen as the source of all mineral veins in the center of the earth/planet.

Goblin allies may rarely include birdmen (flying handweapons), dragons, ents (large monsters), heroes' spirits (lesser spirits), a shaman's spirit (trickster), blobs (algea creatures), Kobolds (irregulars), & Battlewagons.

Goblin armies commonly contain: Wolf Riders (Light cav), Heavy Chariots (usually generals), Minor spirits, Hobgoblins (handweapons, spears, fanatics), bowmen, Artillery, Contraptions #2.

Goblin armies will never contain: Major spirit (no god/ earth elementalists), light chariots (wolf bow prefered), Knights (wolves are too short), or rangers.

Cliff Goblin Clans Army List  

Fanatics Hobgoblins
Handweapons Hobgoblins, Birdmen
Irregulars Kobolds

Light Cavalry Wolf Riders

Heavy Chariot For the General

Blobs Algae creatures
Monster: Large Ents
Monster: Small Mushroom men

Spirits: Lesser Spirits of fallen heroes
Spirits: Minor 
Spirits: Trickster  Spirits of fallen Shamen, Mushroom men?

Artillery: Heavy 
Artillery: Light 
Contraptions: #2 

Magic UsersShaman:Air or Shaman:Earth
Minor CharactersHeros, Bodyguards

For a tale of the Goblin Clans in action, see The Goblin Clans vs. The Stone Cutters.

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